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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Naked Poison [HK Cat III - Hong Kong]

Naked Poison [HK Cat III - Hong Kong] Title: Naked Poison (兽性新人类)
Released: September 2000 (Hong Kong)
Language: Chinese - Cantonese (Chinese Subs)
Length: 88 minutes Director: Man Kei Chin
Producer: Lee Siu-Kei
Cast: Samuel Leung - Ng Chi-min     Sophie Ngan Chin Man - Winnie Wong     Gwennie Tam - Chan Mei-ling
Genre: Horror, Erotic, Cat III

A young man named Min inherits his grandfather's medicine shop after a freak accident, but our character is sexually frustrated and always victimised in the office and at home. He utilizes his grandfathers medicine shop to create a snake venom aphrodisiac, and once the user uses the poison, their body gets real hot and they get naked and want to have sex. He first tests this on Madam Fai, a beautiful woman who lives by him and victimized him at the beginning of the movie. It proves wildly effective and he starts using it on those that worked at his office that had angered him in the past, including the beautiful Sophie Ngan who plays Winnie in this movie.
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