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Monday, November 5, 2007

Naked Killer [HK Cat III - Hong Kong]

Naked Killer [HK Cat III - Hong Kong]


Naked Killer / Chiklo Gouyeung
1992 Hong Kong Cat III
English Subtitles
Directed by Clarence Fok Yiu-leung
Chingmy Yau: Kitty/Vivian Shang
Simon Yam: Tinam
Carrie Ng: Princess
Madoka Sugawara: Baby
Wai Yiu: Sister Cindy (as Kelly Yao)
720 x 480
868 MB

Naked Killer is easily one of the most infamous of the Hong Kong Category III films. The title alone launches it firmly in the Sexploitation realm. Filled with erotic tension, lesbian overtones and misogynistic idiocy…the film is anything but the sleaze fest one may think. Naked Killer is an Action film first and foremost, with dolled up Asian beauties thrown in for effective gloss. The outfits, the brazen looks and the cleavage is enough to keep most viewers riveted to the screen. The action sequences are first-class, and the characters are completely over the top. What’s wrong with homicidal, sex kittens who like it both ways!!!.. Woof!

Naked Killer is a supremely twisted film that deserves to be at the top of the Sexploitation ladder. Surprisingly it manages this without a naked tit or butt to be seen. However, don’t let this dissuade you. Chingmy Yau is as delicious a creature as you’ll ever see, and her outfits had my imagination working over-time…the entire film and long after.

This is one of the best B-movies movies you’ll ever see. And talk about a wicked, uncompromising ending.

I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

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