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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Indonesian Movie : Tusuk jelangkung (2003)

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Director:Dimas Djayadiningrat
Writers:Erwin Arnada/Upi Avianto (screenplay)
Release Date:29 March 2003 (Indonesia) more
Genre:Horror / Mystery
Tagline:Datang dijemput... Pulang diantar...

In this terrifying sequel of Indonesia's haunting Jelangkung, the story begins when the gothic-looking Rea (Marcella Zalianty) asked her boyfriend Zacky (Iqbal Rizantha) to play an oujja-board type of spirit-calling game called Jelangkung together with the other friends. Rea's friends named Visi (Dinna Olivia), Dudung (AA Gde Wipra) and Unay (Thomas Y Nawilis) is totally against Rea's idea. They remind her about the risk of calling a spirit. However, Rea does not care at all. In fact, when Zacky's older brother, Zul (Ian Bachtiar) criticize badly about playing Jelangkung, Rea does not even react at all. So, up she goes with her big ambitions to play Jelangkung in order to break her curiousity.

Her game turns out to be a nightmare. Since the night when Rea played Jelangkung witnessed by her other friends, five of them became harmed by "bad spirits", each in different ways. Knowing that, Rea tried to find a way to break the curse. Zacky's brother, Zul, heard of their fear of being harmed by the spirits and decided to help them along with his friend, Marcel. He brought them to a shaman named Sakimin, who had helped a group with the same situation as theirs, which is the group in the first Jelangkung movie. The shaman was so angry to them as soon as he realized that they have gain contact with creature from the other side. And, the spirit that they called is Turah which is the spirit from the first movie. The shaman had just realized that the victim from the first movie, has not yet take out the Jelangkung doll which they pierced in a grave in Angkerbatu Village. Without fuss, the shaman told them to go to Angker Batu and take out the Jelangkung doll, which was pierced a year ago by the victim in the first movie. Time is running out and so they depart from the urban city of Jakarta to the more exotic Angker Batu. On the way, they were amazed by horrifying and scary events. Each of them received visions in the terrifying images of ghosts. But luckily, they were able to take out the Jelangkung doll and then return to Jakarta. However, the ghost harms are still not yet gone. In fact, it is getting worse and scarier than ever. They went back to the shaman and finally they got the answer as the shaman gets in contact with the spirit. The spirit told the shaman for them to go the village of Parang Getih to meet someone named Tiroh who can open up the secret of Jelangkung. Their journey to Parang Getih forced them to pass by strange places full of haunting stories. One by one received visions of ghost. Will they be able to grant the spirit's order?

Download Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3
Download Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

Download Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3
Download Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6